The Peace of Music

On a quiet night there is nothing to do everything is dark and still so I lie in bed thinking what I could do to improve my mood usually music helps me find my way when I’m stuck in the thoughts of the day and find myself low because of something silly that I just can’t let go I turn on the radio turn it up slow find my favorite music station and let it all go listening to the notes the keys the octaves they all bring me to my knees my spirit feels lifted I feel complete again music is there for me in my downtime it helps me when boredom is trying to tear you down find your radio and listen for the sweet sound

Make Your Dreams Real

A dream is something that can be achieved, through hard work and dedication, give yourself to the idea and make it real. You possess the power, believing in yourself is half the battle, putting forth the work and understanding that you are capable is the most important, and making your dreams come true don’t let anything stop you, crush you, don’t let doubt get in the way don’t let yourself be available to failure, the taller you stand the bigger you’re seen, so put on your armor and let your sights be keen.

Take Time For You

Sometimes you should stop and see what life has for you, everything is always fast-paced you have to work eat sleep repeat but I think that people should take time out for themselves to just relax. It’s okay to make yourself a priority it can actually help you in the long run and lighten your load and clear your mind as well, as well as your soul. When happiness is your shelter that you seek when times are hard and days look bleak you have to understand that you have love inside you from your family and friends and people that share their feelings with you, that is love. That in times of need you can go to and lean on their affection it can definitely change life’s direction being gentle with yourself is what you need when things are coming at you from all angles and your heels are tired from running and you’re doing your best. You have to know that you need to take care of you and have a balance between both life and self and know that you matter in both. That’s all you can do is dig deep and find time for you.